Created Jun 29, 2012

John Foster Way

I'm a Moderate Liberal using Social Media to share facts more

I am a 57 year young Moderate Liberal Dude who is a semi-retired Father of a shy Man & a outspoken Women.
I'm a Poker Player & Perspiring Comic.
At 7 years old I began helping my father fill our endless driveway that continued on well into my 30's. At 13 year old I began working as a Laborer for my Uncles' New Home Building Company filling in basements and insulating. Soon after while in High School my father taught me Carpentry which I learned from Apprenticeship to Journeyman. In my 30's I went back to school where I earned an Associate Civil Engineer Degree while still filling that long endless driveway.

Last summer I retired after a year and a half stint as a Factual-Opinion-Factual Columnist for my hometown Newspaper. Now I am a Tweeting, Retweeting, Facebooking, Web searching, Radio talking, Political Pundit.

Note: In two score years watching and being directly involved in politics, my father was a city alderman and ran for State Senate, I had never witnessed Washington DC GOP Legislators and candidates, including those for president, being so angry and disingenuous.

My father lost Senate Senate run 'cause he had a terrible Campaign Manager! Me!

Bucket List:

I plan to do my first Stand-Up Comic gig at my 40th High School Reunion in October

And everything else I've never done!!

I'm also an agnostic with only a thread of awe keeping me from going atheist so Thank Goodness for MSNBC and their great hosts.

Great hosts I may add who share FACTS!! Unlike their insane counter-parts aka $$$ money mongers on Fox News who continue stealing money from unfortunate Low/No Info Under/Uneducated Americans even though it hurts our country!!

Money can't buy you love Bill O'Really? Money can't buy you love Sean Hannity, and all the rest of You GOP Lying Knuckleheads!

Peace, John


Shows All In with Chris Hayes, The Rachel Maddow Show

People Craig Melvin, Thomas Roberts, Alex Witt

Issues Health Care Reform, Voting Rights, Civil Liberties